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Standard Length (Tensta)

Standard Length of a Miracle
Standard Length of a Miracle, Tensta konsthall, Stockholm, 2016. Photo: Hanna Ukura.


Standard Length of a Miracle
with Jonas Hassen Khemiri (author), Arborist, Carpenter, Costume Designer

”Standard Length of a Miracle” is the title of a meta-fictional short story written by Swedish author Jonas Hassen Khemiri as a response to Goldin+Senneby’s practice over the past decade. In this story, which is read out loud by a gallery attendant every day at a set time, the narrator changes his name to Anders Reuterswärd, hoping to increase his chances of getting hired at an art center. The monologue is connected to the installation of an oak in the gallery space, with the tree referring to an oak that appears in Khemiri’s text, which in turn refers to an oak around which the surrealist secret society Acépahle are said to have gathered in the late 1930s. Aceéphale — Greek for headless — has long been of interest to the artist duo and figures in their multi-year project Headless.

The oak functions as a meeting place for discussions and seminars, and a carpenter is employed to produce new furniture from parts of the tree to help facilitate such meetings during the exhibition period.

The clothing line Anders Reuterswärd is another part of this production, developed in collaboration with a fashion or costume designer. The materials for Anders Reuterswärd clothes can only be sourced from garments left behind at dry cleaners. The clothing line is worn by gallery staff during the exhibition as a conceptual uniform. The clothes are inspired by the protagonist in Khemiri’s short story and his quest to leave his job at a dry cleaner in order to focus on an artistic career.

Standard Length of a Miracle: Process Map
Standard Length of a Miracle: Process Map, 2016. Illustration: Johan Hjerpe.


Standard Length of a Miracle
Standard Length of a Miracle with Moa Ott (carpenter), Samir Al-Nehlaoui (arborist), 2016.
Tensta konsthall, Stockholm. Photo: Jean-Baptiste Beranger


Anders Reuterswärd Stockholm
Anders Reuterswärd Stockholm with Behnaz Aram (costume designer), 2016. Tensta konsthall, Stockholm.
Photo: Märta Thisner


Anders Reuterswärd Melbourne
Anders Reuterswärd Melbourne with Annie Wu & Rosanna Hall (costume designers), 2017. ACCA, Melbourne.
Photo: Andrew Curtis

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