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Goldin+Senneby: Headless

Goldin+Senneby: Headless

Goldin+Senneby: Headless (2009)

Catalogue published on the occasion of the exhibition Headless at The Power Plant, Toronto, 2008.

In their ongoing project Headless, Stockholm-based collaborators Goldin+Senneby investigate the immaterialization of contemporary society. This project comes at an all-too-appropriate moment, as the confidential activities of various corporations are traced and investigated in the wake of collapsed world markets and economic instability.

This catalogue features critical essays and images of the project, as well as an interview between curator Kin Einarsson and Angus Cameron an Economic Geographer and the spokesperson for Goldin+Senneby.

PREVIEW CHAPTER: “Hydra, the Chicken and the Egg” by Hinrich Sachs (PDF)

Product Information
Author(s): Ana Paula Cohen, Angus Cameron, Gregory Burke, Hinrich Sachs, K.D., Kim Einarsson
Publisher: The Power Plant
Year: 2009
ISBN: 978-1894212-26-7
Pages: 62
Illustrations: Black/white
Dimensions: 17 x 24 cm

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