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Plan for a Speculation

Plan for a Speculation

Plan for a Speculation (2010)

The Nordenskiöld Model: Act 1 was an exhibition produced by Konsthall C, Stockholm in 2010. The audience was invited to a series of open rehearsals taking place at IFL, an executive education institute at the Stockholm School of Economics.

The Nordenskiöld Model departs from a historical figure, August Nordenskiöld, in whom Swedish colonial history, the development of state financial apparatus and utopian mysticism intersect. Against this backdrop, a set of theatrical stagings confront the contemporary development of mathematical models of speculation and the financial economy’s formation of the market.

Plan for a Speculation is a reader published on the occasion of the exhibition The Nordenskiöld Model: Act 1, Konsthall C, 2010. OUT OF PRINT.

DOWNLOAD: Plan for a Speculation (PDF)

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