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Standard Length of a Miracle

Standard Length of a Miracle

Standard Length of a Miracle by Jonas Hassen Khemiri

For the retrospective exhibition Standard Length of a Miracle (2016), Swedish author Jonas Hassen Khemiri wrote a meta-fictional response to Goldin+Senneby’s practice, which is read out loud by a gallery attendant under an oak tree every day at 14.12.

In the short story Standard Length of a Miracle, the narrator changes his name to Anders Reuterswärd, hoping to increase his chances of getting hired at a konsthall. At a brisk pace without any full stops or breathing space, the reader gets thrown into a stream of consciousness where all associations are equally important.

“Standard Length of a Miracle” short story by Jonas Hassen Khemiri (English)
“Standardlängden av ett mirakel” novell av Jonas Hassen Khemiri (Svenska)

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