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Teambuilding in GNT

Teambuilding in the Great Nature Theatre (slide 1)Teambuilding in the Great Nature Theatre (slide 2)
Goldin+Senneby contracted a Latvian corporate event bureau to outline a custom-made teambuilding event based on Franz Kafka’s vision of the Great Nature Theatre, as described in his unfinished novel America. Kafka, who in his lifetime never travelled across the Atlantic, projects his fantasies onto the new continent. His Nature Theatre is an ambivalent metaphor somewhere between a Beuysian utopia where everyone can be an artist and a “factory without walls”, where all of life is incorporated into the logic of production.

The teambuilding proposal takes the form of a 24-slide powerpoint presentation produced by corporate event bureau Gera Pramoga. “Teambuilding in the Great Nature Theatre” was first exhibited as part of the exhibition Twentyfourseven at Signal in Malmö.

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