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with Rob Drummond (playwright), Philip Grant (anthropologist & former equity fund manager), Donald MacKenzie (sociologist), Ybodon (computer scientist), Anna Heymowska (set designer), Johan Hjerpe (graphic designer), Mark Jeary (actor)

A single actor continuously rehearses the scene Momentum by Rob Drummond. It is a physical experience inviting the audience to take part in a workout session led by the actor, who simultaneously tells a story about a human investment strategy gone wrong. The duration of the exhibition is determined by a financial trading strategy, programmed to follow the momentum of fast moving stocks. The full production budget of the exhibition is at stake: the actor’s contract is extended only as long as the trading budget lasts.

Anti-VWAP, Collective, Edinburgh, 2013. Photo: Tom Nolan

“Momentum Trading Strategy” with Philip Grant (anthropologist & former equity fund manager) & Donald MacKenzie (sociologist), 2013. Photo: Karin Alfredsson.

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