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with Paul Leong (investment banker), Jo Randerson (playwright), Anna Heymowska (set designer), Johan Hjerpe
(graphic designer), Ybodon (computer scientist), Actor

“M&A is the first in a series of productions explicitly utilizing the exhibition infrastructure as “laboratory” for developing algorithmic trading models. New York-based investment banker Paul Leong of Blackstone has developed a trading strategy especially for this exhibition, identifying early signs of mergers and acquisitions. Leong’s “Merger Prediction Strategy” has been algorithmically implemented by an anonymous computer scientist and will be tested for the first time during the exhibition, with trading starting on the day of the opening.

“Goldin+Senneby have worked concurrently with playwright Jo Randerson, who has scripted a speculative scene for the gallery, which will be rehearsed by an actor on a daily basis. The theatrical production is entirely dependent on the speculations’ financial performance. The rehearsals will continue as long as the trading budget lasts.
The project speculates on a variety of issues like the precariousness of labour in conjunction to the variations in funding both from private and public sources. It problematizes the relationship between the world of art and that of finance, against the backdrop of globalization and its local consequences.”

Caterina Riva
Director ArtspaceNZ, Auckland

See: M&A: Interview with Paul Leong (investment banker)

“M&A”, ArtspaceNZ, Auckland, 2013. Photo: Sam Hartnett.

“M&A”, ArtspaceNZ, Auckland, 2013. Photo: Sam Hartnett.

“Merger Prediction Strategy” with Paul Leong (investment banker), 2013. Photo: Karin Alfredsson.

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