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The Discreet Charm

with Pamela Carter (Playwright), Ismail Ertürk (Cultural Economist), Anna Heymowska (Set Designer), Hamadi Khemiri (Actor)

“The title of this work alludes to Buñuel’s surrealist film from 1972 (The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie), which parodies the spectacle and self-appointed entitlement of the bourgeoisie. The piece, however, concerns the discreet charm of the banking system, or rather, the infrastructures that are created in relation to capital and finance. Using a scale model of the kind frequently used as demonstration material in theatres between the director and actors, or between production teams and investors, an economist – who may possibly be an actor – explains various financial strategies and instruments.

“The relationship between drama, model, stage and reality is constantly negotiated with the viewer. The perspective shifts between the gallery space we are sitting in, a model of the same space, and the films’s representation of this space. The work is part of a series of projects by Goldin+Senneby, using performance and theatre to explore the geography and methods of the financial market.”

Kim Einarsson

The Discreet Charm (2011), Performance view: The End of Money, Witte de With. Photo: Kirsten de Graaf

The Discreet Charm (2011), Performance view: Gothenburg biennial. Photo: Dorota Lukianska

The Discreet Charm (2011/2012), Performance view: Counter-Production, Generali Foundation. Photo: Wolfgang Thaler.

Email from Ismail Ertürk

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