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Each thing seen…

Each thing seen is the parody of another or is the same thing in a deceptive form

“No one seems to be there to introduce Cameron. He decides he better begin, before he loses his audience to a rather good-looking monkey. After a final scan of his notes he is about to begin, when he notices two macaques sitting high up at the top of the enclosure in a chaotic framework of old branches. They are in the shadows cast by overhanging tress, and remain for the most part motionless, looking down at the crowd. ‘We’ll call you two Goldin and Senneby’, Cameron mutters to himself, before clearing his throat and, with the authoritative panache of an experienced academic performer, waiting for everyone’s attention. (KD, Looking for Headless, Ch 12. ‘Authority’)
“Welcome to the Zoo and welcome to Chapter 12. What is about to happen has already taken place. I was sent this account of it – Chapter 12 of the novel Looking for Headless by the fictional author KD – a few days ago. In it, an academic by the name of Angus Cameron from Leicester University (me, in some form or other), tries to deliver a lecture on sovereignty with a very peculiar title to a group of people outside one of the monkey enclosures at London Zoo…”

/Angus Cameron, Excerpt from talk at London Zoo, 19 Sept 2010

Headless: Each thing seen is the parody of another or is the same thing in a deceptive form, installation view Moderna Museet, 2010.

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