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Looking for Headless

“In the forthcoming novel Looking for Headless, the fictional author K.D. tells the story of two artists – Simon Goldin and Jakob Senneby – who initiate a collaboration with author John Barlow: Goldin and Senneby investigate an offshore company on the Bahamas called Headless Ltd., and Barlow writes a docu-fictional murder-mystery, also called “Headless”, based on these investigations. The three protagonists increasingly become entangled in the world of offshore business, while speculating about the possible connections between Headless Ltd and the secret society known as Acéphale (from the Greek a-cephalus, meaning “headless”) founded by Georges Bataille and his circle of friends connected to the Collège de Sociologie in Paris in the late 1930s.

“Goldin+Senneby are interested in how the juridical construction of offshore financial centres can be seen as performative acts of fictionalizing place and staging realms of invisibility. Using the company Headless Ltd and Bataille’s ideas around the act of withdrawal as points of departure, the artists have begun a staged enquiry into the undisclosable. Goldin+Senneby’s investigation takes the shape of an ongoing performance where subject, method and artistic narrative cannot be separated from each other. Their work is carried out through entering the world of offshore business and appropriating its methods, language and strategies, while continuously displacing their own subject position.”

/Lisa Rosendahl (curator)

Artist talk by Angus Cameron, spokesperson of Goldin+Senneby, The Power Plant, Toronto, 2008

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